About Bethany

A love of antiques and holiday traditions LED BETHANY LOWE,

A SELF-TAUGHT ARTIST, INTO the world of design.

about bethan

Bethany began her career as an artist when she created her first one-of-a-kind original Santa Claus figure as part of her Nostalgia for Nicholas Collection. These designs were, and still are, based on folk art legend characters from around the world, with her most popular designs inspired by her own imagination and life experiences. Vintage robes and fabrics, antique toys, and artist hand-sculpted faces set her work apart from the other artists, and serious collectors from around the world became enthralled with her attention to detail and supreme craftsmanship. These early days of delivering unique designs that resonated with folk art enthusiasts quickly earned Bethany Lowe a reputation as a visionary who would take the time and effort to make things the old fashion way.

In 1997 Bethany decided to expand her work into other major holidays. With an artist’s vision of creating unique, original, vintage-style folk art and holiday designs that are meant to enrich the holiday experience for generations, she traveled overseas to see if high-quality handmade designs could be produced at more reasonable prices. She worked with the factories for several years and taught the artisans the nuances of folk art style and vintage finishes. She was able to replicate her designs while maintaining the quality that her customers had come to expect. The company, Bethany Lowe Designs, was born. She now has two distinct lines: her one-of-a-kind or limited edition, very high-end collection of artist-made, original folk art Christmas and Halloween figures coveted by celebrities and collectors alike; and her “build a tradition” collection of vintage-inspired holiday goods which are more accessible to broader audiences.

Through Beth’s work, everything old becomes new again as she captures the warm memories of her childhood growing up on a Midwestern farm. Holidays were a magical time for Beth’s family and the small community she grew up in, with costume parties, mummer’s parades, pumpkin carving contests, and trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhoods. Families went for horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice skated together on country ponds, went caroling door-to-door, and built snow forts and snowmen to greet passersby. As a child, one of Beth’s favorite traditions was creating May baskets from paper and flowers – special gifts to be hung on the doors of friends and family.

Years later, these special experiences are reflected in Bethany’s art work with her new whimsical collections of holiday decorations for your home. In 2008 Bethany wrote the book “Bethany Lowe’s Folk Art Halloween,” a book sharing her creative style and methodology with Halloween enthusiasts everywhere. Three times Bethany Lowe was chosen from a pool of nationally known artists to design folk art decorations for the White House Christmas. Throughout the years, Bethany’s art has carried her on a journey to far-off places where she has made many life-long friends and been challenged and inspired by experiences she’s had along the way. Today, as she shares her imagination and memories, Bethany hopes to inspire you to build new traditions within your family.